This module introduces the role and purpose of the financial management function within a business. It aims to explain the nature and purpose of financial management and to discuss the objectives of financial management decision-making. The module explores the theory and practice of financing decisions. The module aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills of financial management, assessing the working capital needs of a business and the ways in which the elements of working capital may be managed. By the end of the module it is expected that students will be able to: 1. Discuss the role and purpose of financial management. 2. Explain the role of financial markets and institutions and identify the main sources of finance available to a business. 3. Consider the need to budget for capital projects and use the techniques of ARR, NPV, IRR and payback to appraise projects. 4. Analyse financial statements to assess financing needs. 5. Explain the need for financial restructuring at various stages of the business lifecycle. 6. Prepare forecast financial statements to assess financing needs. 7. Introduce business and share valuation and set out the main components of a business plan. 8. Evaluate the overall management of working capital. 9. Apply and evaluate various techniques used in the management of inventory, debtors, short-term funds, cash and current liabilities.

Term(s) offered: Spring term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 3.0
General Education: I B