To provide the students with: 1. Knowledge and understanding of the chemical composition of foods, nutrients and their analysis. 2. A factual knowledge of the anatomy of the alimentary tract of humans and animals and the associated digestive physiology. Assessable learning outcomes: At the end of the module the student should be able to: 1. List the nutrient components in foods, outline their chemical composition and describe methods for their analysis. 2. Describe the anatomy of the alimentary tract of man, horse, chicken and ruminant animals. 3. Describe the digestive processes occurring in the gut and give details of the digestive physiology associated with secretion and absorption. Additional outcomes: Students will be able to relate the essential nutrients and their digestion and absorption to the overall function of the whole animal. They will have developed some knowledge of the relevant analytical techniques.

Term(s) offered: Term information not available at this time.
Credit: 1.5
General Education: [None]