This module aims to provide the student with a basic understanding of each of the three main components of the natural environment: soils; climate and weather and their role as determinants of habitats and ecological niches. The module also aims to develop an understanding of the human influence on these and of major countryside and environmental issues. These issues are explored through individual study aimed at developing research and report writing skills. Assessable learning outcomes: By the end of the module it is expected that students will be able to: - Describe and explain the main components of the natural environment. - Discuss the influence of human activity on the natural environment and explain how negative impacts can be reduced. - Describe how conditions and resources can influence organisms and their interactions. - Explain the importance of ecosystem goods and services, and their valuation. - Evaluate techniques for managing a range of wildlife populations in Britain. - Identify, obtain and synthesise relevant literature on a major countryside and environmental issue. - Explain and report findings on a major countryside and environmental issue.

Term(s) offered: Term information not available at this time.
Credit: 1.5
General Education: III B 4