Air pollution is a topic of considerable scientific, economic and political importance. This module should enable students to understand the issues and give them a basis for evaluating the controversies which should be useful in other areas as well. Topics covered will be: History of air pollution, concentrating on the UK; The origins and effects of: The “classical” air pollutants – sulphur dioxide and smoke; Nitrogen oxides and particulates; Ozone and other secondary pollutants; Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; Acid rain; Indoor air pollution. Managing air pollution: how decisions are made and what legislation is in force; Air pollution controversies. Air Pollution and health. Sources of information about pollution. Pollution monitoring: visit to a monitoring site. Control of pollution in practice: visit to a large industrial site if tmetabling permits.

Term(s) offered: Autumn term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 3.0
General Education: [None]