Film was the mass medium of the twentieth century, used as a tool of social advocacy, political propaganda and commercial entertainment. This module will address both the aesthetic mise-en-scène of film iconography as well as the behind-the-scenes censorship politics which accompanied film production. It will focus on films which self-consciously chose to evoke the past. Taking Hollywood production in the US as its core, it will include British and Russian examples from the silent era, concluding with blockbusters competing with television. Students of the module will become familiar with different film categories such as documentary and feature film, and with key genres such as biopics, westerns and war films. Candidates will be expected to gain a knowledge of cycles of films over time, assessing to what extent directors and screenwriters responded to each other and to governmental pressures, both nationally and internationally. A key recurring question will be: did films reflect or shape popular notions of the past?

Term(s) offered: Spring term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 3.0
General Education: II A 2