Southern Africa provides specific insight into Africa’s colonial past and its aftermath up to the present. During the period to be examined the region was characterized by settler colonialism, the imposition of colonial rule by Britain, Germany and Portugal, and by a long period of decolonization from the mid-twentieth century, culminating in the attainment of majority rule in South Africa in 1994. The focus will be on the history of South Africa and Zimbabwe from 1890 to 1998, although historical antecedents, later developments, and comparative examples from the region will be addressed where appropriate. Each week examines a theme that is studied through primary sources (written, audio or visual) and the relevant historiography. These themes serve as an introduction to the specific history of Southern Africa and also to broad historical questions and debates. The main question addressed throughout the term will be: What is the legacy of settler colonialism in Southern Africa?

Term(s) offered: Autumn term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 5.0
General Education: II B 1 or III B 3