This is a foundation module in Marketing. It intends to provide students with an overview of Marketing as an academic subject, a key area of corporate activity and a fundamental component of a business strategy. The module discusses and analyses marketing theories and conceptual frameworks, as well as strategic marketing tools and techniques used in the business world. Students are encouraged to engage actively and critically with the theoretical and empirical contents of the module through interactive lectures and small-group tutorials. Moreover, students are expected to demonstrate an ability to integrate marketing theories, strategic tools and business practice in their coursework and exam papers. The module addresses the essential analyses required to develop a marketing strategy, including assessing the competitive arena, customers, market trends and organisational capabilities. The core decisions within marketing strategy are explored, including the selection of opportunities to pursue, target market selection, creating a competitive advantage and brand positioning. The execution of a marketing strategy through the ingredients of the marketing mix is also over-viewed. Increasingly leadership teams of businesses are harnessing these marketing analyses and marketing strategy concepts, as they seek to update their corporate strategies, enhance shareholder value and strive to compete successfully in growth markets.

Term(s) offered: Autumn term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 3.0
General Education: [None]