This module is about the ethical dimension of international relations in peace and war. It examines the ethical issues raised by contrasting conceptions of the international order as a whole, including the impact of state sovereignty and cultural and moral diversity on the status of international law and morality and on questions of human rights, international justice and environmental ethics. More particularly, this module focuses on the ethics of war. It examines the rival images of war exhibited by realism, militarism, pacifism and the just war tradition and explores the modes of justification and criticism and the principles and concepts commonly employed in the moral analysis of war. While this module focuses on issues within moral thought and theory, it does so with an eye to real world conflicts. Among the issues discussed are war crimes and moral responsibility, strategic bombing, revolutionary war, terrorism, and peacemaking.

Term(s) offered: Autumn/Spring/Summer term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 1.5
General Education: [None]