From Plato and Marx to contemporaries like Judith Butler, Slavoj Zizek, Catharine MacKinnon and Giorgio Agamben, there is a long tradition of radicalism in philosophy. This course is about how radical philosophy can usefully question our deepest assumptions and challenge our deepest beliefs. Poets should be outlawed from our society! We can secure knowledge by doubting everything! Capitalism will be destroyed by the very forces it creates! It is not possible for us to live authentically! Gender is a social performance! We can never access the subjectivity of those we investigate! Pornography silences women! We are not responsible for migrants and other fringe groups of society who lack full access to citizenship! We must tolerate hate speech! Torture is permissible in extreme circumstances, e.g. post 9/11! We cannot hope for a perfectly reconciled and harmonious society! These are some of the claims this course investigates philosophically.

Term(s) offered: Spring term module; 20 [10 ECTS credits]
Credit: 3.0
General Education: II B 2