Is it possible to have a pain which one cannot feel? What is the nature of hope? Does early Chinese Philosophy lack the concept of Mind-Body Dualism? What have the methods of physics and philosophy got in common? Do all cultures share the same concept of knowledge? These are all philosophical questions and in this module we shall explore how empirical research can help philosophers answer these questions. This module explores how philosophers can themselves conduct empirical research in order to gain philosophical insights. The module will introduce students to exciting new movements in philosophy which involve the collection and analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data to test philosophically important hypotheses and gain deeper insight into philosophically interesting areas. The module will introduce students to a number of case studies of these methods in practice, and help equip students to develop and run their own empirical projects, for example, as part of a summer independent-learning module.

Term(s) offered: Autumn term module; 10 [5 ECTS credits]
Credit: 1.5
General Education: [None]