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Off Campus Work Experience: Please use the two sections below to list any references to jobs you've held that would recommend you for the job you're seeking at Randolph.
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Number these 20 positions in order of your preference
Academic Department Assistant
Student Caller (Admissions)
Staff Office Assistant
Student Caller (Annual Fund)
Nursery School/Child Care
Mail Room
Computer Helpdesk
Dining Hall and Coffee Bar
Skeller (Student Ctr. Snack Bar)
Athletics (Training Room,Game Mgt, webcasting)
Main Grounds (Coffee Bistro)
Theatre Department (costumes/sets)
Lifeguard (must be certified)
Buildings & Grounds - Painting
Buildings & Grounds - Grounds Maintenance
   The following positions require that you have or arrange for your own transportation

Riding Center/Horse Stables
Amazement Square (Children's Museum)
City Registrar's Office
By submitting this form I am certifying that all statements are true and understand that if I am employed, misrepresentation or omission of facts noted on my application shall be considered sufficient cause for termination of employment without notice. I understand that this document is an application for student employment, and is separate from my permanent education record. In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of this college and any subsequent rules in the department in which I am working.